PayPal Withdrawal "Needs_Approval"

Dear Gameflip,
I have some concerns with the payout method using PayPal. On your Mobile App I have connected my PayPal account and made my first cashout 4 days ago. Ever since the cashout the Withdrawn history says “Needs_Approval”.What do I need to do to receive my money on PayPal? Many sellers have told me they receive there cashouts within 1-12 hours. How come mine is taking multiple days? Please help I would like to receive my cashout.

Where could you see that your cash out needs aproval ?

And i have the same problem that my cash out tokk more then 4 days now and i still havent recieved them

Ye , still got the same problem like you guys.
My Code: 89SEPH , hope any Admin here could help me/us.

If you go to “wallet”, then click “cash balance”, after that click “available” under sale proceeds. It should show you withdrawal history. I’ve made other withdrawal that went through in less than 20 min, yet once I withdraw a huge amount I’m stuck with “Needs_Approval” and im currently on day 5 so far smh

Nothing for me there

I am on IOS and it seems to look alittle different than your interface. But I gave the exact way that I would get there on iOS.

I accually got the money 2 mins ago

Hey guys,

Payouts usually take up to 2 business days to process, (it might take up to 7 in some cases). If it is saying that it needs approval, that is why it was held by our system and we will manually check it and clear it. There is no need to worry.


The same problem happened to me. I have been waiting for 4 days now and have not received my money. It says needing approval. Can you please look into my account and finish sending the money that I have withdrawn. My invite code is WKPUGX.

having the same issue my withdrawals aren’t showing up in my paypal and its been a couple days. my invite code is 2J5C17