Can some cancel the withdrawal

Hello, I recently decided to withdraw my money from gameflip but I regret it now can someone from support help me cancel the withdrawal since it’s still waiting for approval

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I guess it will depend on your luck.

Have you contacted Support regarding it? It will also take from a day to a few days for a reply here from them. If withdrawal is approved and paid before a reply, nothing can be done.

Reference you can take a look at. (Skrill)

I will try to PM @DunnBiscuit

@Sparkling_Juice when is the usually time gameflip approves the withdrawal

I’ve messaged support immediately after this. Will I be ok ?

It all depends on whether you can get a reply back before it gets approved or not. Because once approved and paid, it can’t be withdrawn.

It depends on amount and what type of withdrawal I guess.

I used transferwise for the withdrawal. Withdraw 235 usd @Sparkling_Juice

I never used transferwise before so I am not sure about that.

In the link VV

Should also be a few days? Best to try to contact Live support then. I am not sure about the timings when they will be on.

How do I contact live support? @Sparkling_Juice

When they are online, it will show. Right now, it doesn’t show for me as well which I assume their not online now.

Is there a usually time when they are gonna be online?

I never used it before but I have seen it around 6pm SGT. I don’t know if they have different timings daily or not. Unless someone knows about it, they can reply you.

This is my first withdrawal how long do they usually approve the withdrawal?

Usually a day or 2. But there’s a lot of different factors that could possibly make it longer so only Support or an Admin can look into your case for you. I cannot say for sure.

That’s unfortunate hopefully I’m lucky enough. I don’t want to contact transferwise to reverse the transaction :pensive:

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All the best mate!

I have the same problem… I used transferwise and I didn’t know that you need a USD bank account (which i dont have) to claim the money. I withdraw $522 and all I need to do is complete the transaction but I can’t… because I don’t have a USD bank account. Can anyone help me?

Hello @Yesa,

Could you please provide me your invite code?

Have you already contacted the support team using the link below?

If so, could you please provide me the ticket number as well.

God Speed! :trident:

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