Question about withdrawing funds

So, I made my first withdrawal of my pending funds to Skrill yesterday once they finished pending. All went well, only took 3-5 minutes to send to Skrill. Got more funds that finished pending today, so I withdrew those. Its status says “Needing approval” 500 pesos to dollars. Is this approval from Gameflip or is there something that I need to do? If it’s Gameflip, am I just going to have to wait until Monday?

could you perhaps provide us with a Screenshot of the approve message?

Hello @davidbrok1,

If this is the first time you are withdrawing money, it may take up to 7 days to process.

This is an extra precautionary step that our payment processor partner does.

Afterward, it will take typically 2 days.

This also depends on your bank and how they process these transactions.

If your withdrawal status is “Needs Approval” and the withdrawal occurs during the weekend, it will be reviewed on Monday at the latest.

God Speed! :trident: