Issues with Wise

Hello Flippers!

We identified an issue with Wise preventing our users from paying or withdrawing through this method. While we work with Wise directly to solve this as soon as possible, we suggest you use other payment or withdrawal methods.

You may also use the funds to purchase on Gameflip. This is an abnormal situation and we are working hard to solve this problem as soon as possible. Any pending or in transit payout requests were canceled and the funds were reverted to your Gameflip wallet.

If you need further assistance on how to withdraw with the payment methods listed above, please let us know. As soon as we have an update on resuming the functionality of Wise payouts, we will let you in this post.

Thank you,


Hi - I had a pending transfer that was cancelled, but the funds have not been reverted back to my GameFlip wallet.


the same happened to me, I tried to transfer and it was canceled but the money didn’t return to my Gameflip account

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Is there any time estimated to this be fixed? Thanks

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Same here need the money to for my sisters birthday gift :weary::two_hearts:

I have a bunch of Wise withdraws that are stuck on “Started” and I don’t know what to do

Hey I can’t pay out and I need the money what can I do

Hey Flippers, for those whose payouts were cancelled and the money didn’t get back to your account, please send me your UID/Profile Code via DM, so I can check with our Finance team.

@nova in your case the payouts will be cancelled.

To all, while we are working on a fix, the Wise payment/payout option was disabled (you can’t see it within the marketplace). I’ll post more updates as soon as I have them here.

Feel free to use other payment/payout options while this issue is being fixed. You may check other withdrawal methods here.



Okay, I’ll send it to you right now, I even sent emails to support but didn’t get any answers, I hope it gets resolved.

I’m sorry but I do not know how to DM, however my UID is JZU16D

Hey, is there any update on this? I have a very high turnover account and I am getting killed on commission fees to withdraw using Skrill.

The difference once you factor in their 4% FX charge is about 7% which is significant over a month.

hi anyh new update about wise? :slight_smile:

Hello @nova!

I have verified your account and can see that the payout was already cancelled.

Hey @32949238 and @Ladz!

There are still no updates on this issue, but as informed before, as soon as we have updates we will provide them here.

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello - I have sent a message 2 days ago to DunnBiscuit but not received any response. My profile ID is 2B78LC and my payout was not returned to my GameFlip wallet.

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hello, im trying to use payoneer since wise its not working, but i cant to connect it to my gameflip too, but the payoneer not working too, its bug or something else

Hi support, why don’t you charge my dashboard on Gameflip site. Wise has refunded $1530, please respond


My code : K2LJZ2

Hello @SnapBack130!

The team is already aware of the issue and is currently working on resolving this with Wise.

As soon as I have more information, I will inform you here.

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @nasmab75_nasmab75!

Could you please open a ticket using the link below and provide the message you received from Wise regarding the refund?

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @Doodoo!

Payoneer is currently working on Gameflip.

In this case, could you please contact the support team using the link below regarding your issue and provide screenshots of error messages you are receiving?

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello, Is it possible to use binance bitcoin address to withdraw?