Incorrect amount of withdraw problem (Transferwise)

Hello at 12.12.2020, I requested a Transferwise withdraw. I choosed it to be Transferwise to direct my bank account, not Transferwise account. So you know, I just put my IBAN and other location information. And I requested $5 withdraw. I just wanted to try it before withdrawing all my money. Today I received $0.20 from IJJI. Inc Gameflip. But I requested $5 and it has to come to me $4.45 after commisions. I think I got scammed. I want my money back or send the rest of $4.45. Please help me with my issue, i really want to use Transferwise as my main withdraw method but $0.20 received? This is unacceptable…

I created a ticket. Can you check it please?
Ticket Id: 642475 , My profile code: 37R7JY @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom

Its probably the fixed fee that Transferwise is using. I dont think Gameflip can do anything about it.

image Fee is %1 + $0.5 that after that comission i should be receiving $4.45, not $0.2. I mean it is almost 1/20 ratio of what i should receive. There is something wrong with it. I get $0.55 comission but $4.80 comission? Must be a joke or smth.

Yes this is the Gameflip Fee. But I think there is a fixed fee from Transferwise itself too that Gameflip has to pay.

TransferWise supports sending USD to people outside of the US, but to do this we need to send your transfer via the SWIFT network.

Because SWIFT incurs additional costs, we will add a fee of 3.20 USD to your transfer to pay for this

Better to send big amounts for this since its a fixed fee.
Also just contact support. They can tell you more about this.

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Since it hasn’t been wroten in withdraw page, i felt tricked. I think Gameflip should specify that fee or at least point out that…
Thank you for your help anyways.

If you go to support page a chat on the right will pop up, you can ask them right away where your money went.

Also they are stating fee’s on their support page.

Let me know what they say, good to know :slight_smile:

Incredible. The guy in live chat said it is really weird and he has no idea. Very cool right? Gameflip’s own support.

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