Has anyone cashed out US Dollar on Gameflip to their TransferWise US Dollars account?

Does TransferWise charge a $7.50 fee during this process ?


@DarkKnight Possible to share some light on this matter?

Hello @Samcro,

As informed in the following link, the fee that is requested for using Wise withdraw on Gameflip is the following:


$0.00 to $5.00: Not available
$5.00 and above: 1.00% + $0.50 USD

So I don’t think that the fee you informed applies to our withdraws.

For further questions regarding Wise, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident:

Correct the fee doesn’t apply to gameflip withdraws, I withdrew on the weekend and only paid 1$, however I’ve found euro withdraws to be instant compared to USD. For those who want instant withdraws I suggest sticking with Euro.