Anyone tried TransferWise to direct local bank withdraw?

I want to withdraw via TransferWise to my local bank account.
Is it stable and fixed, constant fee? I mean commission. It says: $5.00 and above
1.00 % + $0.50 USD
Is this for all countries’ local bank? Or any additional fee can be added?
I am asking this because I want to withdraw to my local bank account. It is USD currency but anyways it is outside U.S.
Anyone tried that way withdraw? If so can share some experiences? Thanks.

I only use TransferWise because it is very easy to use.

For any amount of money, it would be 1% of it + $0.50 USD.

When I use TransferWise, it gets converted into GBP and into my bank account automatically.

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Oh, so if i understand you correctly, you are clicking to transerwise and then you select your currency GBP. After that account type outside U.S. (not e-mail) and other information about your bank (IBAN and others). So by doing this way I assume you are not using a TransferWise account and it goes to your bank account directly, is that correct?

@Aeralo I have one more question. In these page these address, post code and city inputs, should i write my local bank’s head office’s information or my own house’s information? I am kinda new to this really sorry if i am bothering. Thank you.

Are you trying to register for a TransferWise account?

No, in withdraw page, after selected transferwise.

These inputs.

I’m not entirely sure, so maybe check with TransferWise, but I would assume that it’s your own Post Code and Address.


@Aeralo hi again, i requested my first withdrawal via Transferwise. It has to go to direct Bank Account, i mean i don’t have Transferwise account but when i confirm withdraw, it said “The xx amount money will be sent to your Transferwise account” which i don’t have. Is it normal thing? I just wrote my IBAN and other details, i didn’t even wrote my e-mail while withdrawing. In your withdraws via Transferwise to your bank account does it says the same thing to you too?

Edit: I got an e-mail from Gameflip after withdraw request, “Please note that your TransferWise account must be fully verified to receive your payout.” i don’t even have a transferwise account. Will it send the money to the bank or not?

When I withdraw money, yes, it does say that it will be sent to my TransferWise account. If you put in your bank account details, then it should be sent to that.

If it has nowhere to be sent to, it will return to its sender.

Unfortunately I cannot help because I don’t remember much about it; I set it up quite a while ago.


Thank you, you were helpful.

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