Transferwise Payout Disabled

Hello Flippers!

The Transferwise payout option is disabled since yesterday while we are fixing some issues found. Our team is working to have it available again as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, you may use other withdraw methods in order to fullfil your withdraw requests, please check this FAQ article for more information on those other payout methods.

Whenever we restore such a payout method I’ll let you know here.

If you have questions or any issues related, please open a ticket to our support team.

Thank you,


Thank you!

A smooth and beautiful withdrawal method. I hope it will be active again soon.

Hands down best withdraw option, quick and easy, and never experienced any problems.

When will it be active again? @DarkKnight , @MajorTom
Or will there be no transferwise option anymore?we have been waiting for days to withdraw money. I do not use other withdrawal options. Because they are costly and long.Please get transferwise active as soon as possible :frowning:


Our team is still working on the issue, but it will get fixed soon.

As DunnBiscuit has mentioned, we’ll let you know whenever we restore it.


Probably they gonna have the same issue with Transferwise as they had with Paypal back the :slight_smile:

I hope it’s not another ‘‘Paypal problem’’ like last time. TransferWise is basically my only option. I hope it’s fixed soon :green_heart:

Hello guys! It is availble again!