Login Error. I cannot Login.

I am unable to login. I get an Login Error. I cannot even reset my password.

Are you using the app or the web (what browser)

How are you signing in?
User Name

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Username and Google Chrome(PC). Ive tried iOS(Iphone XS) as well. Safari Mobile

You can try the gameflip app to see if you cam login it too if you can’t try resetting your password using the app.
please be careful to not request a password reset to much it could lock your account

Try to delete cookies and history on your current browser. You can just wait for few hours and try again. Also if error still shows after this please contact the support Here
You would need to know your invite code

If you don’t remember your invite code PM @DunnBiscuit with your email you have linked to the account and they can look up your account.

Make sure you’re using the right information try typing the password slower and be careful to not hit the wrong thing.

Double check your mail to make sure you didn’t miss the rest password from gameflip it could be in your spam file.

Lucy :heart:

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Help! I made a purchase for 10 dollars And it logged me out and I never got my item can someone please get my account X_T1xixxx back for me please I have tried for hours and hours but i keep on getting “Login Error” I have already contacted them but just got an automated response please i need help

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Are you logging through the website? Could you try logging in from the Android or iOS app?

You should make a support ticket so you can privately give the email address and phone number that you used to register on Gameflip, so support can look up your account. If you want to private message the forum moderators, you need to browse the forum for 15+ minutes, then click on their avatar/profile for the “Message” button.