Login failed Need help.

I tried accessing my account but it will not let me login and continues to say ‘login failed’ please message back ASAP. Thanks

Did you type your username and password correctly? Try the forgot password feature if you’re unsure. Also check your email to see if you were suspended.

You can private message a moderator or email support@gameflip.com the phone number you used to register on Gameflip so they can help you.

Username and password are 100% correct as I reset the password to a new one, also how do I private message a moderator and who are the moderators? Thanks.

Click on their icon and there’s a popup with a Message button, or double click to go to their profile.

If you don’t see the button, you’ll need do these antispam tasks on the forum to unlock it. If you still don’t see it then log out of the forum, refresh browser, and log in again.