Looking for Skyrim Box

its an odd request, but I can’t my Skyrim case for my game and am willing to pay for it here. I’m looking for the normal Skyrim box for the PS3, nothing else on it like Legendary, because that’s what my game is.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have that, complete with the map also

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Oh cool, I’ve never had the map! Are you willing to sell all of that to me and for how much?

The game is in it, make me an offer ok?

Well I don’t need the game, I really only just want the box, would you be willing to just sell the box or are you just wanting to sell the whole thing?

Hey buddy sorry it took me a while to reply, I don’t get any notifications in the app or anywhere else telling me someone replied to my post. So back to skyrim, I really prefer to sell it as a whole ya know? Cause then I’ll be stick in the same situation with only a disc =P And from what my buddy said, the map is what people really like because they hang it up, frame it, use it, etc. Thanks!

Hey dude, sorry for the long replay also (must be an echo in here) I’m mostly away from wifi right now but I have a bit of time to get back on topic.

Anyway, that’s a good point that I didn’t think about. Alright then so what’s the price your looking for for the game? Do you have pics to prove they you have all your asking for also?