Some help please Fallout 76 Selling

Hi, Your help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been selling stuff from fallout 76 and made around 10k and some guys from my work found out I’ve made some money and 1 guy has gone to the town hall (where I work) to speak to the big main boss saying I’ve been selling guns illegally breaking the copyright law and made 10k from it!!! (He wants me to get sacked so he can have my job) is there a way to get around this or is it illegal. Your time is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello Lil-poted!

Sorry to hear about your issue.

If you are obtaining your items legally and honestly through the game, I do not see why there is a problem.

God Speed! :trident:

sir i have some issue regarding my previous in which i bought an item worth 30$ still i dint get the promotion 3$ so can u kindly help me out on this issue

profile code=M9M4J8

order id=f237db6f-a287-41d1-86a1-8b56dd3a992b

i bought this item when the promotion was running and still i dint get credit , kindly help me out on this issue

sir kindly check this out , it will be a huge help to me