Didn't receive the correct item when buying!

Hey guys I’m new here. I have bought a few items. But I’m still new to how this all works. I bought a armour set from a seller of Fallout 76 items. This seller had pics of the set when I bought it and it had 3* for all the armor. I paid $40 dollars for this set btw! As I was trading with the seller he demanded and was being very pushy in me completing the sell. He say to me you done yet,hurry up man, what are you doing,ect. So I was pressured in hurrying the completion. So I completed the sell and was happy to leave because he was being rude. I left server and check again what he gain me and it was all 2*. That’s not what I was supposed to receive! So I find the same item that he sold me now the listing has no pictures. I contacted him and he said that he never said it was 3* and had no pictures. What do I do now? I got screwed out of $40. A full set that was 2* I wouldn’t of even paid $10 for! Please help guys. I have screenshots of us talking and of him admitting he rushing me to completing sell.

Don’t rate him.

open a dispute

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