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Hi, so I started selling in game items about a month ago and I got no problem so far but it’s someting that I need to ask. So usually I don’t really mind waiting after the buyer when they tell me when they are gonna be available for the delivery. Now I sold someting 2h ago and the guy said he had internet issues. I understand that and I’m still waiting. Not too long ago the same buyer bought someting else from me and he didn’t talk to me. I have no idea when he’ll be available and I don’t mind waiting but the thing is my item is suppose to be delivered in one day. If I don’t have news from him tomorrow do I have the right to cancel order? Also I heard that if we don’t deliver in the time we said in the listing we get a auto bad review is it true? Thank you in advance to clarify this with me :slight_smile:

Hey! Good to see you on the forums. Ive bought from you a few times :sweat_smile:
Anyways, I’ve started canceling orders after the stated deadline if we cant come to a planned time/date because I’ve received two … Unfair poor auto ratings. I’m going to assume we are in the right if we try our hardest to make contact with the buyer and they just don’t respond or cant meet up. Cancellation should be alright in these types of situations because they’re entirely on the buyer if we’ve been on for several hours and they are busy. I usually tell them before i cancel that if they are still interested in this purchase that they are free to re-buy the listing when they are available :slight_smile:
I am no staff member but I have dealt with a lot of these and I haven’t been suspended (yet) so you should be alright.

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Thank you @Vanilla for the help :blush:

What I have done on a few things to circumvent these scenarios is I list everything 3 days. I know I will probably deliver within 1 day but with schedules and blah blah blah, 3 gives us the leeway to do so. I have had a listing go 2 weeks because the buyer was on vacation, but he let me know and I didn’t care too much. I haven’t had to many go beyond the 3 days ever so I feel that is good. Please I won’t lie, the buyers are expecting within a day or within hours even if you mark 3. I have cancelled a few due to lack of contact and I just give a warning of " I will cancel within a day if I don’t hear back" that way if they leave a bad review I have something in the comments stating I tried and they just wanted to be mean.

GL to you on the site and as Vanilla reminded me recently we do have to remember who the clientele is on this game.

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