Canceling orders....

Okay so a guy bought something of me and after he said he didn’t want it, that he just wanted to contact me. I said that he could’ve just talk to me on one of my listings. I didn’t want to cancel cause people can give bad reviews and wanted to avoid that so I told him to cancel when the 24h would have pass. Now it is canceled and got a bad review. The reviews system for sellers start annoy me sometimes because I do my best to give the best service i can and it’s the second I have that I think is pretty unfair. I think we should have a better options for cancelling orders without fearing to have a bad review. Help please :frowning:

If you want help from support they would need your order ID or invite code.

It is the buyer’s fault for changing their mind after buying a well described item clearly marked as “no refunds/returns”, but next time if you still worry about the buyer then just cancel it for them if they request it. After a seller cancels the order, the buyer rating the seller is optional, so tell them to not rate you. If you do get an unfair rating you can ask support to remove it, but it’s best to avoid getting an unfair rating in the first place.

Thank you for the reply. I already sent a ticket for the other review I got but no response so far. Will do the same with this one I guess. Thanks for your time :blush:

Have had this happen a few times and I always cancel the order because the less time I spend arguing talking to them the less chance for a negative review. I have also found only mobile app can leave a review after canceled transaction. I have had many orders canceled on me because I tend to skirt the line with scammer postings to see if the deal is real. Lots of times its not, either scam or cancel. I find it hilarious when they seem my score they instantly cancel.

Sorry to hear you had a bad review, but unfortunately we can’t force the item into their inventory.