Fallout 76 selling. Need help and advice

Hi, Your help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been selling stuff from fallout 76 and made around 10k and some guys from my work found out I’ve made some money and 1 guy has gone to the town hall (where I work) to speak to the owner off the company saying I’ve been selling guns illegally breaking the copyright law and made 10k!!! (He wants me to get fired) is there a way to get around this or is it illegal to sell fallout 76 items. Your time is greatly appreciated. Thanks

If it is digital goods within the game I would think you are safe nothing is going to happen. at least I believe so because the big main boss can not really do much even if you are breaking the copyright law it has to be the company personally sues you.But personally I do not know much about your laws so I would speak to a lawyer just in case or ask someone or somewhere more reliable than here.Hope the best for you though and no bad harms!

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