Maximum Percent


I think a nice feature would be to have a maximum percent you’d allow off on items. Earlier this month I accidentally sold a knife for $2 and have seen several other occasions where people have sold items for extremely low amount (I assume also by mistake). Today I saw a pair of Gloves and a Karambit both go for $2 (poor guy). Would it be possible to have an option to set that says you would never want to sell more than ‘x’ percent or maybe it sends them to draft rather than listing for sale immediately. (Similar to how it recognizes if items of same wear are priced differently.) I realize it might cause issues when it sees overpriced items as 0%, but think it would be a nice safeguard. This would apply to items like skins and gift cards where the system already calculates a percent off.

Thanks for reading and I love all the recent updates to the site and app!

(also, unrelated H1Z1 no longer appears on the website Skins dropdown menu).

Fyi, the Gloves and a Karambit both sold for $2 today were on purpose. It’s some sort of giveaway/ site promotion.