how to remove the 1.5x from recommended price when selling an item?

Hi im just new to this site and im wondering how can i not sell item that’s twice the price of the recommended price but i can see people can sell it twice or even 2.5x the recommended price. for example: the recommended price is $30, i see people sell it for $60-65 while i can only sell mine for about $50. thanks for the help!

Follow the rules and stop being greedy. Everyone who is doing that is going around the system.

i didnt saw anyone buying bulk KNIFE now at CSGO section! May have been fix… We just wait for the market to stabilize

im not being greedy sir. im just asking about the 1.5x thing and it’s my first time here

It’s done using the mobile app as that doesn’t initially force a price check like the website does. Sorry about the rough response. It’s many people’s first time here unfortunately due to x3 sharing this glitch/unfortunate event with reddit. Tons of users have flocked here seeking a quick buck while making long term sellers worry about the state of their cashouts as we see other abuse this and get paid out while we experience wait times for the first time ever.

Either way, it’s a great site, especially when it’s not like this.


no worries sir. i just wanted to know before i invest money in this site. this is really a great site i agree to that. and thank you for your response sir. it really helps :smiley: