Price bug when page refresh

Can you guys fix adding price on items?
Is not first time when i lose money because of it (now i lost 20$)

When i add price like “27” page “refresh” and count only “7”, even if I wrote that “2”.

Here: this should be 27$ Not 7$:

I lost 20$ because of this bug…

This bug is old and happened to many people here. To me happaned many times…

I think there shhould be some warning, when you try to add something for example 60% off or higher. It would help to not make these mistake again.

Uhh this is odd because you are the first person with such bug and I wonder if it happened many times to you many times before why didn’t you report it?

Regardless of that, please, send me screenshots or even a video if possible of this bug so i can properly understand what is going on and report it to the team.


It happened to me before but i was like “ok, next time i gonna check price before”

I was talking with other sellers and they sold their knives for 17$ instand of 170$ and other seller who added his skins but he was in time to edit prices (lucky him)

I’m not asking for refund - that fine. But i think - would be nice to add some warning when skin added are 60% off or higher discount, that would be enough to save us of losing money.

If someone wants to sell for 70% off, he will just accept warning and that all. No one will lose here.

Could you give a screenshot of where you put in the price?

screenshot wont help because i add my price like “27” and if in same time page refresh, it doesnt count all number i wrote

The screenshot is to tell which client you were using, and which webpage or app screen you were at.

But As i said, here you wont see - is not always happens, on video you would be able to see but is hard t o replace bug

You could do before like when you make it pic and the after once it is posted pic I know when rocket league items I was selling their are prices that it won’t accept and moves it to a different price. Best way to do is show before and after if you can’t do video.

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So after you put in $27 as the price, you saw $7 in the input box?

Or after you put in $27 as the price, you saw $27 in the input box, but when you clicked “Start Listing”, the price in the listing is actually $7?

You didnt understood.

I wrote 27 on box but at the same time i wrote “2” page did “refresh” (you can see sometimes this while browsing gameflip on browser) and i had in box only “7” while listing even if i wrote “2” before but it didnt count.

I know i should check all of time prices before listing but for me, someone who add alot of items to website it take time, that why I think gameflip should add some warning when you click on listing and when your price is rly low, like 60% off. It could be just an option to active on setting or something. It could save alot of sellers.