Web Browser Display Bug - PC

Can You please resolve this problem with display pages on PC web browser’s (any)
Problem is since this “Relevance Tab” was added so over 1.5year. So by whole this time its start be much annoying. I reported this problem 2 times.

I will example on Fortnite section because I’m selling only there.
You opening main site with loot for on sale and You have lottery what You will see there.

[Left site is normal Recommended with many sellers / Right site with bug showing only seller with highest score]

If site display bugged result then doesn’t matter how many times You change pages by using “Next” button on bottom site.
Every next one main page will be looks like the same because seller may have even 5000 items list. Site displaying only 1800 on all 50 pages. So all 50 pages then looks like then the same.
On 50 page will be only one seller with highest score.

In this situation if You want see normal page then You need change number page in url on some different (np; 40) and then back again first or second page
Refreshing (reloading) page making problems and one time is displaying normal (looks like normal recommended) and sometimes bugged (looks like high score) and its any random time when You opening any page on site.


You can even check it on this url from main page Fortnite section:

Its work with both ways. If site working normal and You do this then will be bugged.
If is bugged and You do this then will be again normal.
Its just pathetic lottery what customer will see there

The same is with every single item on site. Depends how many the same items seller have on his list that much will be showed:
(that’s the same first pages on everyone screen)

There is video how its looks like. Sites are loading long time by overload internet connection.

Someone can say. “Customers have more traps to filter list items.”
Yes. Then force them to using it if almost all using this one or “Most recent”…
Second, They even didn’t know about something like this. So when they see full page the same then just buying especially if most of sellers right now selling the same items in the same prices to not broke market.
Much more. Default page showing offline sellers lists so something like this is whole time.

This should be somehow fixed or just deleted to same as was before.
Even most recent before was more fair then this one.

If You can then please finally do something with this.
Problem exist only on everyone PC web browsers

@MajorTom @DarkKnight


Firstly I completely agree that this is a huge problem. This one seller is bugged to only show their listings on many occasions in the recommended section. It is completely unfair for any other seller who sells the same fortnite save the world items. It is allowing this seller to have a monopoly over the market while every seller is having to make do with any sales that they are lucky to get when the bug is not fully in the seller in questions favour.

Secondly. I believe that this is being manipulated by the seller by them spam api listing their items 5 hours before they even show online and not being an active seller. Listing items while being offline shouldn’t even be allowed as it takes away sales from active online sellers.

Thirdly. On comparing other games than fortnite. Even when you click the highest seller rating tab it is not just all one seller. In the case of fortnite, when you click highest seller rating every single page is one seller only and yet again not giving any fair advantage across the market. Therefore not a single seller will ever be able to become a seller top rated above this person as they hold the monopoly of the market while customers have the choice of only 1 person to buy from.

In my opinion I believe that all other sellers including myself are going to be forced to reduce prices massively on all our items that we sell that are the same as the seller in question. Just so we can maintain any sales. Thus will be a huge knock on effect where there will be less earnings for all sellers and furthermore Gameflip will be impacted by the lower rates of sale.

I would like this to be seriously looked at as I am seriously close to halfing the prices of all items that I sell that are all the same items as the seller in question. It has become an absolute joke that this has been allowed to carry on this way for many many months

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Of course will be monopoly if all customers who using PC web browser by 50% time or more, depend by lucky see only one seller.
Even if they have lucky then on normal displaying page will be the same seller so in first situation he have 100% chance on sale any items because is alone there and in second the same as rest sellers.

It is obvious that it will be unfair if:
One person have 100% chance on sale when is bug and for example 20% with rest sellers when working normal
Second have 0% chance on sale when is bug and this 20% the same as rest when is displaying normal.

Much worse this problem is not since yesterday but since from the beginning when it was added. So after all this time this is starting to get annoying


Bump as no one is bothered to reply?

Hello guys!

Thank you for report.

I appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback.

I’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do.

God Speed! :trident:

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