Just suffered from a GameFlip bug!

Just suffered from a GameFlip bug!! I sold a 4 dollars item while I’m still GameFlip’s Sellers Club and taxes were shown as, but after the transaction was completed, somehow instead of 4 dollars it’s only adding 3,18 to my wallet!

I appreciate any help from moderators to solve this issue!

Order ID: 8b10fd44-310c-4704-b14c-cd7d92e8572e
My code: 2EE2ML

Please check https://gameflip.com/wallet/subscriptions

Is the price of all the items you’ve sold in the 30-day subscription period over the sales cap amount?

Not yet but I understood what happened! The person payed with flp+dollars on the same transaction. So they were counted in different places.

Ok, this topic is good to be closed, I guess. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for participating, galacticarm. :slight_smile:

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