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Hi,I subscribe for Gamer Club, but why did I pay a Commission on my last transaction ?my inv code 644988

Subscribe only benefit Seller not buyer

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im seller.rd

Was the item over $50 or did you sell more then $50 on that subscription?

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Was that your only item sold on that subscription?

Your not over the $50 cap?

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after the sale,when I create the following lots Commission 0%

Thank you for the pictures @DunnBiscuit would have to look into it. Dunn normally reply to people first thing in the morning. You should get a reply within the next 7 to 10 hours being its 12am in PST at the moment.

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the problem is solved, I recalculated the lots since the subscription, when selling this lot I went for $ 50,but for some reason in the new lots Commission 0 and the amount in my subscription is displayed incorrectly


Im glad the problem was solved

Thank you for posting your issues on the forums
You and many other are making Gameflip better :blush:

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