Money gone with no item purchased.

Getting frustrates. Been using this app for almost 2 years and this last couple times are about to make me quit. I just tried to buy some keys and the money is pulled from my account but have no purchase history for it, no order confirmation etc. Money’s gone with nothing to show for it. Need this resolved or I’ll call the bank to have this resolved.

Anybody patrol these forums or what? I’m ready to buy this rocket pass and my money to do so has disappeared. I’d like to let you guys fix this but it needs to be in a timely manner.

Can you share with me your invite code so I can help you further?


What is an invite code?

It’s the six-digit code in your profile page used to identify you. You can formally contact support through the ticket system, there it also asks for the “profile code” and tell you where to find it.

The moderator here can also help you if you post your Order ID.

1d2lya here’s my code.

Hello, as I checked you purchased some items a couple of days ago, are you still having issues with it?

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