All my purchase has been cancelled

After my first purchase and verification process all my purchase was cancelled by gameflip !! And i don’t know what is wrong ? :frowning:

Did you verify the required documents within the requested period?

If not, this is why.

If that’s another reason, have you opened a ticket?
I might be able to help. Can you send your invite code via PM?

My first purchase the system request me for the verification documents and i have send them and the transacation goes well ,
After that, all my purchase has been cancelled ?? Without any reason

Note: I buy a digital gift card with paypal,

Sorry but im a new member, i don’t know how open a ticket

I just email the support 4 time because my 4 purchase was cancelled and without any reply from the support, however i looking forward to be a trusted member of gameflip because they provide a great service and help us.

Thank you Sir for helping me.

Can you send me your invite code, so I can investigate?

Thank you so much for your quick reply :slight_smile:
My invite code : 27MMD6

Thank you again Sir for helping me

As I checked, you were asked by our system to provide a 4 digit code in order to confirm the purchases. Since you didn’t provide the codes, the purchases were cancelled after 24 hours.

I adjusted your account so this review can happen less or none at all.


Thank you sir,

For all my previous purchases i didn’t get the 4 digit code and like you said the purpose goes cancelled after 48hours i don’t know why…

I will try another time and see what happen i wish everything goes well :heart:

Did you check your Paypal email/

Yes , i always check it and no digits code email arrived ??

Sir thank you so much for your time and support,
I have purchased an digital item and the code was send fast,

Thank you again Sir excellent and fast support A++++ for you :+1::+1:

Thank you for your time and support,
The problem was solved

Best Regards

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We are glady that youre issue was solved.

Let us know if you have any kind of extra questions.