Must we disclose bonus game keys that im giving out?

I understand that you cannot sell “random” game keys/listings, but if i would like to add in a bonus or extra, must i disclose what it is? For example, PUBG+ bonus game key, would i need to say what the bonus game key is?

No, you CANNOT sell random game keys, you need to disclose what you are selling every time (check the TOS). Even using words like PLATINUM, GOLD, ELITE and such in title is misleading and should be prohibited if you ask me.

Selling a bonus key is the same thing, you need to state what it is. That is not token of your good will if you’re using it as your selling point and advantage over other sellers. Only true bonus key or a gift would be to surprise your buyers with a free key only after they bought something from you.

This is mentionted in the guidelines:


Any listing that is created without identifying the exact item that will be sold is prohibited on Gameflip.

Creating listings where the Buyer has a “Random”, “Chance”, or any sort of probability of items receive will fall under this. Listings that do not identify the item to be sold will be deleted and any accounts associated with the listing may be suspended or banned.

it was a typo, updated it already.

alright, thanks.