my account banned - 01

hi game flip my account get banned and you say Conducting sales of forbidden gift cards
i get all my gift card from survey site like toluna and
and all my gift card Legal
idk why i get banned i have all proof of the card come from
can you help me with this plz

There is a list of sellable gift cards. Did you get a warning before the ban? You can use the ticket form and fill in the phone number so support can look up your account.

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Hello Didine_Dido!

Could you please inform me your invite code or PM me the e-mail or phone number that was linked to the account?

Also, please verify the list of authorized non-gaming Gift Cards, just like galacticarm informed :wink:

Thanks for the help galacticarm!

You rock!

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

this my invite code:NCC7TQ and my email : . i cant replay with the other account idk why
i read the sellable gift cards now . I thought only restaurants card not allow cuz got warning cuz of restaurants card but now after i read sellable gift cards i know all other card not allow can you please get my acc back and will never sell non allow card
and thanks so mush

check please

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