My account has been suspended , when will I have access again ?

If anybody here can help me get my account unsuspended will be great . I was wrong for violating the rules and using vulgar language
I have 143 good reviews
And 1 poor review do to the message I sent the seller
I have a lot of money on there and I need to get transferred so I can buy bill,debts and etc
My account code is :q2v7ce
I’ve learned my lesson and never will I break the rules on gameflip

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I have been banned since August and still am unable to receive my $32.40

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wow i seriously need my money im startinhg to think this how gameflip is gnna scam

Same I’ve heard it from many people

Hey @Alexc_Aguilera, I just checked your account and saw that you made racist comments within listings.

Due to the gravity of the problem, the suspension is permament.