My phone number has been blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions

I cannot receive the verification code when my phone number has been blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions.
Is there any way to solve it?
Profile Code: HMW3TW
@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight Please look into this, thanks!

I’m not sure about that, sorry. Have you tried contacting Support to ask?

fyi - I’m just a normal buyer/seller

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I sent email to them.
Btw ty.

I had the same problem, have you solved it

Hey guys!

Please try to verify once again as this issue should already be solved.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

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I contacted supports and they solved it.

My phone was also blocked… I can’t do anything… Please help me. 9JN8YQ

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight

Try to contact supports. They will help u.

Have you blocked all numbers from my country? I’m not a politician, I just want to trade on your site… I have more than 1000 sales, I bring profit to your site. Why did you block my phone number?

My phone is still blocked. I created a ticket, but the problem remains unresolved… Please help me.

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight

I want to help but I can’t. I’m just a normal buyer/seller. There is nothing I can do. You can find people who are staff here

Have to wait for DarkKnight. You could leave the ticket ID for DarkKnight.

Ok, ID #776680

@MajorTom help my

My country is still blocked as well. But I found two temporary solutions:

  1. Ask to support to remove your currently phone number and try to add a different number (maybe a sibling number, mom, dad, etc.). This didn’t work for me but it might work for you.

  2. Ask to support to remove your number and put a number from a friend or somebody you trust that lives in a foreign country (like the U.S, Canada, etc). This worked for me, I put my sisters phone number (she lives in the U.S) and I was able to use my account again.

I hope this info helps

my phone number is also locked ,Geo-permison,need some help,Id=W5PE8D

Hello everyone!

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you are still having issues regarding a Geo Lock, please open a ticket in the following link:

Our Support Team is currently working to assist you on this case.

Godspeed! :trident:

I have this problem again! Help me please!
Code: 9JN8YQ


Hey , My gameflip app on android ask me for verification code but i don’t see it now in app. That’s why i can’t be online . Idk what is this. I need help @DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice

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@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight my phone number is blocked it says the following as I quote “Error:The destination phone number has been blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions. KE is blocked for sms channel for all services.” And I ​can’t receive security codes or do anything tangible anymore on game flip please help me I even updated my app and same thing please help my profile code is DH3DKK I need help @DarkKnight