my suspend acount

posible make fix acount? my acount now is suspend and don’t know why

have you sold accounts?

no. i all time buy in gameflip

Mine to how do I. Get my money back?for what I sold wtf.??

Hello guys, please contact me via PM and send your invite codes, so I can check your accounts for you?


What’s going on with my account

What the hell man my account still not working I gust want my money

As said , please PM me and send your invite code, so I can proprerly check it for you.


i send for you message please check

I don’t know what pm means?

PM means private message. Go to the moderator’s profile and click on the Message button and give them your invite code and tell them your issue. If you don’t see the button, log out the forum, refresh, and log in again.

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Plz fix my account

Hello, I already answered you in another topic.

Thank you.

Plz unsuspend my account I’ve done nothing wrong I need the money plzz