My account was suspended and I do not believe I did anything wrong, I have $75 in my wallet and when I went to payout It said account suspended my invite code 3vyqu2, I don’t have time to wait for the ticket to be reviewed and I need help

Unfortunately some amount of patience will have to be exerted here. It takes a couple of days for tickets and questions to be reviewed. In the meantime while you’re waiting, you should go over what you might have done wrong or what rules you may have broken, and prepare a solid explanation or defense for your actions.

Vanilla I have seen you on gameflip, I am fortnite traphouse, I have 150 good rates and only one bad but I am suspended and I really cannot think of anything I could have done, I have a warning for selling twitch prime and a warning for language due to falling someone a scumbag, but recently there is not one thing I have done!

Oh hey traphouse! I’m not an administrator here nor can I help you with your suspension, but based on what you’ve said you have broken a few rules already and received warnings multiple times. I wish you the best of luck whilst dealing with the support team, and also I advise to just be patient. Don’t make multiple posts or tickets, they’ll get to you when they can and rushing them wont help. :blush:

Do you have any ideas as to what my suspension can be for? I have not used any offensive language, not even close. I have NEVER scammed anyone or ever tried, and I have never sold twitch prime again so I really don’t know

I can’t see into your account so no I don’t have a clue on why you were suspended. They will tell you why though just give it time.

While you wait for a response, you should review Gameflip’s ToS on what you’re not allowed to do. A few examples are selling prohibited items such as Account, Beta code, Random code, etc.

You should receive warnings, but I think many users don’t check or confirm/verify their email address (or using a fake email address) to receive emails.

What is the reason behind the suspension? Any clue?