My account was suspended.

Hello, guys. My acc was suspended for selling TWITCH PRIME ACCOUNT. I didnt know that you cant sell accounts on gameflip, i didnt try to scam someone as you can see i just selling pubg and sometimes cs:go items and now most of my money stuck on gameflip. Can someone help me, please? I have all good ratings for 100+ sales. I didnt check my e-mail so often, cuz it’s old and same with phone number. Im not even sure what phone number is connected to my gameflip account, because i didnt receive any warning messages on my main phone. Thanks a lot for the help and support! My code: RNBT2P.

F2Q3BN. Check my status to i was banned today and have money in my account that needs to be taken out. I believe i was banned for my brother making another account as he has the same address as me could i tried to verify my account but just says “account suspended” grrrr…

And your brother was making accounts with name “Transaction information”?

Your account was suspended due to you making homophobic and racist comments. The suspension is permanent.

I can’t provide you further help.

Your account was suspended for 30 days, @St3pan, contact us after that date so we can provide you further help.


For 1.) my brother made a legimate account to sell items fairly on gameflip… so theres a first false accusation and then you wanna say i harrassed someone in a manner that 500$ in my account just dissapers right after i just got done selling 90% of all my money from one guy 20 min later im banned and you steal money from me i need proof of where I harrased somebody… this is an outrage your accusing my brother of scamming people this site is a big joke !!! Proof???

I just think its funny i sell my inventory 10mins later hit with a banned account with 500$ In my account