My account was suspended

Hello I’ve been using GameFlip for awhile now have over 500 positive listings sold and was recently suspended… I’m wondering how long and what I was suspended for… I have a few disputes open and I’m guessing it has something to do with that… any info will help thanks!

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Hello, I just checked your account and I saw it isn’t suspended. Can you pleas elaborate more about your issue?

Thank you.


I’m all good now just had to hook up a credit card… sorry for the confusion was just jumping to conclusions when I wasn’t able to list an item for sale…

Hello, guys. My acc was suspended for selling TWITCH PRIME ACCOUNT. I didnt know that you cant sell accounts on gameflip, i didnt try to scam someone as you can see i just selling pubg and sometimes gift codes items and now most of my money stuck on gameflip. Can someone help me, please? I have all good ratings for 250+ sales. I didnt check my e-mail so often, cuz it’s old and same with phone number. Im not even sure what phone number is connected to my gameflip account, because i didnt receive any warning messages on my main phone. Thanks a lot for the help and support!
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