my withdraw is Pending

Your Code: 1UEC78

I see this error in my withdraw please help me

Pending [10301/1329688020] Insufficient balance
Failure Code: 10301

i have the same problem

yes i don’t know what the problem. i hope resolve this problem as soon as possible

please help me @MajorTom

I used to think that payoneer was a great platform for withdrawing and funding money but now i understand its the otherwise.Probably only we payoneer users are experiencing this issue.

Hello ahmad_ayad,

Looks like your issue has already been solved as your withdraw is now marked as paid.

@yakup_Akkus Are you still facing this issue as well?

Yes i still have this issue, its not solved yet and i cant do my trades properly for 2 days cuz i cant buy new items.Can you please solve this one quickly?

my code:LCVC2Z

thank you my problem is resolved now

ahmad how much money did you exchange.i am wondering if it s depend s on how much money is

Thanks my problems solved but i lost at least 100 dollars because i wasnt able to buy items and make profit.Thanks anyways though.

less than 100 dollars

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