Payoneer withdraw Failed

I’ve tried to withdraw from the Payoneer option, and I did not receive the money. I just got a ‘Failed’ message, and my balance is $0. This is the first time that I have this problem.

Code: Z6G4TQ

Please help, thanks.

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Im having the same issue!
Code: 6ZSBRL

Hello KeyLover, ElPapaDeTu

Could you please contact the support team using the link below?

Thank you.


I did that yesterday, but i sent another one.

same here
my inv code LCVC2Z

yep they fixed @MajorTom tysm

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Yes @MajorTom , I did it before opening this thread. I was thinking that posting on the forum will speed up stuff. Thank you.

Unfortunately, for some issues, we will ask you guys to contact the support team via ticket only.

Especially for payout or cash issues, where the finance team needs to check it further.

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pm pls bruh … i swear i cant talk anymore… im done

Im still missing my funds. Glad someone got helped!

The funds have been returned thank you for your help! One question now, is it safe to withdraw to payoneer now?

@ElPapaDeTu I got my funds returned, I tried again, and it worked this time.

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Thank you!

Hello @ElPapaDeTu,

Yes, fell free to withdraw to Payoneer now :wink:

If there is further issues, do as @MajorTom said and please open up a ticket for our Finance Team to verify further.

God Speed! :trident:


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