NEED ACCOUNT HELP, seems no-one can help

i need to know why it seems like my accounts been frozen?? i cant withdraw payments to my paypal… my posts aint showing up in the search?? whats going on, my code is: RFYDJU

I’ve been making sales, my first sell went through and I was able to withdraw money… and now I’ve sold 3 more items since, I’ve tried to withdraw some more and it says approval needed, I have another item sold waiting to withdraw which I won’t be withdrawing yet and a third where the guy received items and accepted the first time on geflip but next purchase he has ignored me and r refuses to acknowledge me whatsoever even after I posted screenshots on the purchase… can someone help me please, I was in desperate need of money and this was my quick way, I suffer bad mental health problems. and now I’m down my rocket League keys and items and money! this has left me in an agitated and depressed state…

BRO i cant even login! I have same issues! 4 Withdrawals on approval… i really need this money to pay bills man… over 170 dollars gone to waste if they dont help me out…

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i have payday this week coming but i ran out of cash this weekend, i have medical appointments tomorrow and wednesday i need this money for getting there and back… seems im going to be joining you on the waiting list :frowning:


can someone help me please??



Hello, can you tell me more about the issue your are facing? If your money pending approval?
I couldn’t understand you properly.


yes i have a sale in which the buyer got his items but apparently refuses to accept it, he bought two lots of 20x keys off me, he accepted the first but not the second, which i screenshotted and attached to messages, i also have $12.35 Waiting for approval which i tried to withdraw on sunday, i withdrew 2 amounts of $12.35 to my paypal on sunday, one went through… the other says waiting approval or needs approval… also i have listed items at good prices, but when i asked my mate to search for my sale he couldn’t find it? i withdrawn it from selling until i know exactly whats wrong

When are we going to be able to get our money? My withdrawal verifications is pending for more than 5 days.

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