Please let me withdraw my money its all i ask.

I sold an Item on gameflip everything went well. I click on my funds and withdraw them over to payapl… it said it needed approval and i understand stuff like this takes a while. And now, i get a notification saying the withdraw was cancelled and now my account is banned for fradulent charges. I have no idea how any of this can happen. I am only trying to withdraw my money I rightfully earned over to my paypal. my invite code is: CXEWVM

Please stop making multiple topics of the item
a mod will get to you.

Already answered him on another topic.

Thank you.

would it be possible for me to speak with someone higher up

You can talk with me.

How may I help you?

I sent yo a privat emesage

hey Dunn Im new to this forum i was wondering if you could help me out Please