Please help my account was suspended when i was trying to withdraw my $76.

I sold an Item on gameflip everything went well. I click on my funds and withdraw them over to payapl… it said it needed approval and i understand stuff like this takes a while. And now, i get a notification saying the withdraw was cancelled and now my account is banned for fradulent charges. I have no idea how any of this can happen. I am only trying to withdraw my money I rightfully earned over to my paypal. my invite code is: CXEWVM

I have just answered your ticket about it.

what do you mean

I need some help with this

You issued a ticket and Tali replied to it.

Do you have proof from your side to dispute what the charges are raised? Again both sides are listened to any dispute , however proof should be shown to counter the charge.

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originally, my account was stolen back in may with a card on it. The person went crazy with buying stuff and we had to file a fraud. It ended up being a family member and they payed it all back. Now here in December I have had 2 very happy customers when selling my items and ive only sold 2 things no purchases. I sold an item for $85 and now it says i am banned and it wont allow me to take my rightfully earned money out of the account

You’re using an account that is known to be fraudulent and you’re still using it and conducting business through it. You need to understand the notion of clean hands and I don’t know what @Tali replied to you nor is it any of my business.

and you were using that account too to sell. You should have wiped the slate clean and start over because you’re using a compromised account :frowning:

I tried to but it allowed me to sign up under a different account

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