Account suspended cant withdraw funds!

Hey so a while back in may 2018 my account for gameflip was stolen and we had a card on it. After finally filing fraud, we had to do a chargeback of $800 worth of merchandise. We found out that a family member had stolen the account and made all purchases. The family member paid up and all money was sorted to the sellers, and they all got their money. My account did get permenatly suspended for that case. But now in December, Im a student right now and money is a big thing for me, i have a good amount of expensive rocket league items such as the White Octane. I figured that I would try and sell the octane for around $85 to try and make some money. I made a new account under the same email as the one that had gotten banned in May. Everything went well I sold an item for $5 and transfered to paypal. Now here I had somebody buy my white octane for $85. Everything went perfect with the transaction and i had the money in my account. I withdraw the money from my account to paypal and It says pending. I figured that maybe because of it being over $50 it might take a while. Another day goes and its still pending. The next day I check my account and it says that your withdraw has been canceled, I thought that it might have been that my phone number was not verified on paypal so I went ahead and did that. After going through and trying to withdraw again, it says my account was suspended for the fraud and stuff that happened in may. Please Help! I understand that it wasnt the smartest of me to make another account but I really needed to make some money and now I cant withdraw it. My invite code is CXEWVM.


Unfortunately, withour concrete evidence that proves your story about the charge back on May, I’m unable to help you further.

If you have evidence and want to appeal to this suspension, please open a ticket to our support team here:

Thank you.

What type of evidence is needed

Any concrete evidence that proves your fraud story for instance.

You must create a ticket or PM me this evidence so we can look this further.


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