Account Suspended with 300$ in it

My account was suspended three days ago, at first i didnt know how did this happen, i am a Rocket league for ps4 seller with more than 600+ good feedbacks been on gamflip for 4 month and made more than 1500$ from legit and legal sellings, however after digging more into why my account was suspended i found that the last email i received was as follows "Hello Zerwaf,
Your purchase of “Bundle” has been canceled by Gameflip due to issues with the seller. The amount charged for this purchase have been refunded to the accounts related to the payment methods you’ve used.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Regards, Gameflip Help "
that bundle which i bought using a 1$ credit which was given to me by gameflip i guess as i am an avid user of the site, i used it to buy a bundle from my friend/roommate whom i introduced to gameflip around a month ago he also has about 70+ good feedback.
i tried contacting gameflip through emails but no luck in getting any response ( we know by now how their customer service lacks CUSTOMER SERVICE :slight_smile: ) however i did make a post on their forum and i got this response “You were caught buying/selling items to an alternate account. This is considered fraud.
Unfortunately the suspension is permanent.” by the user named “DunnBiscuit” who seems to be one of gameflip admins ( he closed the thread so there was no way for me to reply but i did message him asking to identify which sale or purchase is he talking about ) but no response.
what iam amazed by is why would they think that i would commit fraud when i have made more than 600+ legit sales ( was it my mistake that i used the 1 $ credit to buy something from my friend/ he did the same and bought my certified zombas for 1$) as it is the only to turn credit into actual money and they give you only 3 days to use that credit so we sat down and sold 1 item eachother but it went under-review for sometime and then both of our accounts got suspended( he doesnt really care as he is a new user and was like fuck it they closed my account ) but i have been a user for 3 month before i introduced him to gameflip so i do care.
finally, they seem to have taken over my account and my 300$ ( which i earned legit items which they can check by contacting the buyer who bought my items ) i do think that my account was just collateral damage with the wave of new scamming accounts coming out everyday so they just randomly started suspending accounts that are selling 1$ items ( because thats what most fraud accounts do )
sorry for the long message i just wanted to make sure i delivered every piece of information

if customer service think by neglecting customer that we are going to stop asking for our right of an answer back, iam sad to say they are wrong. you wouldnt have a platform if it wasnt for the sellers with good feedbacks; so if you are going to treat scammers the same way you treat avid users of your service, it says more about your company than the sellers themselves.

this is the email i received today :
{Hello Zerwaf,

Thank you for contacting us.

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

Exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system
Creating multiple accounts and/or conducting in fake sales

Gameflip Help
Making accusations like these should be accompanied with some proof wouldn’t you think especially that you did not just suspend my account, you also took over my 300$ profit left in my account which im sure you can know for yourself that they were for legit sales not using your 1$ credit because i would need to make 300+ sales to get that money from 1$ credit don’t i ?

Gameflip had no problem charging its’ transaction and digital fees nor did it have any problem charging the gold subscription fees but it does have a problem giving back the money which i earned legally.

Hello, I didn’t answer you before because I’m not here all the time.

But I do try to be online everytime that is possible.

Regardless of that, since you sent me a PM which I’ll check soon, we will continue this conversation over there.

Asa said I’ll check your message and I’ll discuss with the team your case. We will answer your case as soon as possible. Note that it may take a few days since it is holiday within the US.

Thank you.