Account Permanently Suspended for No reason and $300 dollars in my wallet

Hi my display name is Mr Stog, and when signing in my username is Smally_ttv. I have a problem that I am very confused and extremely angry about. Yesterday I bought a Heatwave from a user for $25.99, After buying it he sent me a message on gameflip saying “Oh no can you please try to cancel that” ( I believe this user was new to gameflip with a 0 feedback score). This user checked the box that says they have shipped the item, i believe with the intention to cancel the order. I told him He either needs to give me the item, or I have to file a dispute. He did not message me back so I decided to file a dispute. This morning I received a message on my dispute that my account has been permanently suspended for suspicious fraudulent activity… I am so angry and very confused why this happened to me. I have never tried to scam anyone in my life, and I had about 30 Positive feedback score with 0 negatives. I am sick to the fact I had almost $300 in my wallet that I feel gameflip has just stolen from me. I am reaching out for help in hopes someone has an answer for me. I enjoy using gameflip, but if this is not resolved I am never using the site again and I have many friends that are aware of this, and if it is not resolved they also are gone. Thanks

@op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit can anyone help me on this?

I am sick to my stomach knowing I sold my hard earned rocket league items to save up and buy a new laptop for school and now I might be losing $300 of my money to get me there. I literally did nothing wrong you guys pls help

Hello, please send me youir invite code so I can check your account for ya.