Wrongfully suspended !!!

Hello, my Account has been suspended for no obvious reason, i sell RL items for psn with 600+ good feedbacks been selling for the past 4 month and never went against of any gameflip rules , i even went further by reporting scamming accounts ( Gameflip impersonating accounts) last thing i did before my account was suspended was using the 1$ credit gifted to my account by gameflip into purchasing a bundle from my friend for 1$. couple of hours after than my account was suspended and the only email i received was that the purchase i made was cancelled by gameflip.

Ofcourse as you know i can not get into my account to get the invite code ( as i am suspended) so please do not ask me for it so i was not able to submit a ticket ( due to the lack of invite code) i emailed gameflip on the support email but no answer i know it takes sometime, but i am an above average seller in RL items for ps4 ( or at least i hope i am with 630 Good feedback, 3 neutral and 1 poor)

My account id is : us-east-1:f921e7a5-e74d-45b1-b581-00eb17c47d93

link to my account : https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:f921e7a5-e74d-45b1-b581-00eb17c47d93

You were caught buying/selling items to an alternate account. This is considered fraud.

Unfortunately the suspension is permanent.