Gameflip hasn’t contacted me back after being suspended

Hello, a few days ago I saw many selling under Fortnite to avoid fees. I jumped on to the same thing and I feel so dumb for doing it and I hate my self enough already for even doing it. My account has 650+ positive feedback and no bad feedback at all. I worked so hard to deliver everything on time. I just want to know if the suspension is permanent or not.

Gameflip sent me the following message and told me to reply to evaluate my suspension, but I haven’t heard from them yet.

Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity such as selling Rocket League items under the wrong category to avoid fees.

Invite code: 9YAXCT

It’s probably a temporary suspension. You should get a reply eventually now that it’s business weekdays.

Thanks and hopefully


You were selling RL items under the Fortnite section to avoid fees.

This is abuse of promotion and it isn’t tolerated.

Unfortunately I can’t provide you further help.


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