I Got Banned For No Reason☹️

My account was made from 1.5 years ago, but i started selling this week. I made 9 trades, and when i made my 6th trade, i tried withdrawing my wallet to paypal, then i got a notification saying “Needs Approval” , i thought that was weird at the beginning then i said to myself that Paypal might just be verifying the transaction or something. I made another 3 trades, and again when i tried withdrawing the cash on my account, i got the same message (“Needs Approval”). 2 days later i got a notification saying “Your payout request has been denied”. Which was really weird, i was wondering why did it get denied? Then i went to list an item to sell again, and guess what? “There is an Error. Account Suspended”. Just like that! For absolutely no reason. I tried contacting the support and they replied after two days saying that it was banned due to “Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity, such as impersonating Gameflip in an alternate account” without even mentioning what is it. I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong at all! I just sell Rocket League keys, I didn’t impersonate Gameflip or anything like that.

Hey, do you mind sending me via PM your invite code so i can check your account for you?

I can’t pm you, i get an error saying “you cannot pm that user”

My invite code is: G2A28Q

did u solve ur problem?