Need info about the good category

Hey, i want to know on which category can i sell graphics things. I already use Gigs but i don’t like it very much, the lowest price is 3$ and gameflip take 20%.
I have seen a lot of people selling graphics on game item and other categories but i don’t know if it’s allowed.

I don’t think you’re allow to list something you need to “make” or “do” in anything other then Gigs.

I was thinking the “other” category but being you’re doing a
services aka making pictures or something I don’t think its allow.

Gigs is for people who are giving thier service and being you’re giving some kind of services I believe Gigs is the only category you can listed it on.

I may be wrong but I think I’m right being they specifically made Gigs has a person services thing.

Lucy :heart:

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