Need support please

Can somebody with rhe power to appeal a suspension or something please actually have a private conversation about an issue. Thank you.

Stop spamming the forums or you will be suspended here too!
@Tali @DunnBiscuit

Stop spamming the forums or you will be banned. So i will be banned for trying to get support.

Creating 1 topic would be enough.

But if youd look they answer I respond then they never respond back. Im getting fed up with this and I feel cheated because i tried contacting the buyer to see if he could try to refund it and directly send me the money but he blocked me, it makes me upset because on this account i sold somethinf for $5 and transferred it to paypal judt fine, one week later i sell my white octane for $85 its pending to go inti paypal for 2 days then bam it says account suspended, this happened about a month ago and ive still been waiting on real help ever since