New 10% off Code

Use code " Fridaymood " in my store to get 10% off !!! :partying_face: (max 5$)

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not in your store :smiley:

this code works for all purchases on gameflip, not his shop only.

do not say in my store when its not youre code haha

He said nowhere that it works in his store ”only”.

He was just advertising his store which is perfectly acceptable imo.

Also some sellers post the latest public code in their store description or even as a part of their name so it doesn’t have to be your very own code in order to ask people to use it in your store…


i know what you mean, i guess, but the wording is a bit ambiguous, i read it like “use it in only my store to get 10%”

anyways, this code has already been posted

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Yeah it was what was implied by him I’m sure, people try to use it to their advantage

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Well he applied a link to his store, so it was implied