New coupon code 25%

New coupon code: MAINGA2 (25% OFF 5$)

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What are the restrictions? I didn’t work for me.

Most likely to be working on only in-game items purchases.

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The new code ‘MAINGA2’ can be used for 25% up to $5 in any In-Game Item on Gameflip.
Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks, Aeralo.

Thanks so much!

Any coupon code for gift card?

Hello AllAbout, welcome to the community!

Personally, I do not know any info about current or future discount codes they may hold for gift cards. If your phone number is connected to your account, you should be notified of coupons when they are activated by Gameflip.

Thanks, Aeralo.

yeah i need one too

Thank you. Yes I turned on my notification. I welcome new promo code info anytime!