New Coupon / New discount

It’s Friday!!

Get 10% OFF on everything (Max $5) CODE: WEEKEND10OFF Note: Code expires 6/7/20 at 11:59 pm EST. Limited to first 1000 entries.


Thanks so much! Code worked :slight_smile:

it Works :slight_smile:

thank you, it worked fine with me . :grin:

already over! it had 1000 uses!

Yep, since it was posted on their twitter, it would be used up really fast.
I tried it yesterday and it was used up already :sweat_smile:

I used the code and when the payment was done, the discount dissapeared :confused:

Check my post;

The error only happens on google pay, out of nowhere, I finally was able to put my credit card directly and since then I been able to use the discount codes, contacted on friday support still have not received a answer from them or any mods on the forum, for me it was a $35 dollars I lost believing it was getting discounted. Pretty sure this issue should be fixed as soon as possible because it may fall under scam since u do see the discount applied and when u pay if u check the transaction instead of waiting the code, you don’t see it anymore the discount which people only realize after purchasing item, not before purchase.

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20% max 5$

Only Gift Cards


My account is under review someone please help fix

Hi @Cypher89,

You can create a ticket to Support via the link VV Include Relevant information like your profile code and description of problem.

Alternatively, you can DM MajorTom/DarkKnight regarding your account under review with the relevant information as well. You can do both as well but contact Support first.

To DM, just click on the profile picture and click ‘Message’.

Please refrain from posting unrelated replies on topics in future. You can start a new Topic regarding your issue. Thanks.

Ok thank you

thank you dear :100: :ok_hand:

All items


Thanks, but looks like it works on in-game items only. Not gift cards, for example…


Thanks for the share bro. Like @shop1 mentioned above it is only for in-game items and does not apply to Gift Cards.

Really? I mean isn’t this gameflip’s official promo code? Why can’t even last for 2 days?

i posted it 2 days ago and it was already active for 1 day when i posted it.

it was only for in-game items… were you planning to buy any in-game things?

Yes I was…