new coupon sms 😁

there it is guys :
5% off (limit $5).
i hope that anyone who got another sms coupon share it too


how do you get these sms notifications?

just register your phone number and then they send some codes randomly to some of the numbers. i have about 4 months i got no codes then they sent me a code 15 days ago and this one so its random i think

Unfortunately I got whoa as well… Might be the only one sent out

Where do I register my number?

you register it when you create your account

I’m guessing its the one from the settings page on Gameflip. I’ve already got that one so thanks. I have never gotten any sort of sms from Gameflip except for confirmations so I thought I had the wrong one. Maybe they give out these codes to people who don’t use the site often.

Same WHOA here too.