New Discount Code - 20% OFF ($5 Max Discount)!!!

A new discount code was released yesterday. It should expire either today or tomorrow, so be quick and use it!
Take 20% OFF with code: ALLWINNERS ($5 Max Discount).

On a side note - did you sell less on the last 10 days and suddenly sold some yesterday or today? It happened to me. Might have been incidental, but it looked like people were wainting for the discount code that didn’t come.
I really wish Gameflip would go back to giving 2 discount codes per week.
K¨&*uin gave 3 discount codes this last week and I read that G2#$ also gives a bunch. There are a lot of users that buy mostly only when there are discount codes out, so a big period without discount codes = sellers sell way less.
Even a 10% discount code is very nice if given near another code. Because when buying a $50 product 10% is already 5 dollars saved, and it’s always better to save some money than to save no money.


Thanks for sharing, saved me $1.69! My sales have actually done pretty well the past 10 days, I suspect due to the promos you can currently get for buying or selling. Almost all my cheaper skins 15% off or more were bought out. I even got $5 in credits myself from selling some more expensive items and an additional $2 randomly via text. No argument about promo codes, but just wanted to throw it out there that they have been running regular promotions recently. I personally ended up spending $15 ($7 credit, $8 actual money) this week that I likely wouldn’t have without the promotions.

They are doing another right now for $4 off $40 for 3 days or 2k users.

Hello. Is there a new code, a new month?

Yes, there is!
New code: ALLWINNERS2 ( 20% OFF $5 Max Discount )

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